My Spring 2022 Beauty Faves

July 4, 2022

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Spring 2022 Beauty Faves infographic. 7 pictures displayed of top products: a perfume bottle, hair oil, scrunchies, face mask, hair oil, toner and facial serum.

Summer is FINALLY here which means it’s time to share my Spring beauty faves!☀️

Anyone who knows me well knows that I am a proud skincare, beauty and makeup enthusiast. I LOVE spending hours researching new products, reading reviews on reddit, and watching Harper’s Bazaar beauty routines.

As physical touch is my number one love language, doing my beauty/skin care practices is meditative and soothing for me. I’ve always enjoyed taking my time with my skincare/beauty routines. I hope this list can serve as a

Spring 2022 Faves

Let me start by acknowledging that I might have a slight skincare/beauty care buying problem.

Do I walk through any store and walk out with something I don’t need? Yes.

Do I currently have over $400 sitting in my Sephora cart right now? Also yes.

BUT, that’s a problem for me and my financial advisor to deal with in my Friday zoom call next week.

I’ve spent time trying numerous products; a process I know can be daunting for some. I thought I’d share my top spring beauty faves for anyone who might be looking for a product refresh!

Spring Beauty Fave #1:

Silkē Skin – Morning Glow Oil. Silkē Skin is an all-natural & organic Australian company. I stumbled across this brand I was scrolling through instagram and knew I needed to try it out (I’m an oil fanatic).

For the past 1.5 months I have been using the Morning Glow Oil religiously and I have been loving my results. For those of you who struggle with dehydrated/dull skin, Morning Glow Oil is the oil for you. It’s chock full of amazing ingredients like: jojoba oil, vitamin c, squalane, vitamin c and rose-hip; all of which helped restore, brighten and re-invigorate my skin!

Spring Beauty Fave #2:

The Silk Labs – Scrunchies (and other hair accessories). The Silk Labs is a Toronto-based woman-run hair accessory company. I’ve been a fan of and using their products for almost two years now. I am always impressed with the quality! All of their products (minus the combs) are made with 100% silk which is amazing for the health of your skin and your hair. I’ve always been a huge fan of their silk scarves and recently fell in love with their silk scrunchies. Their scarves and scrunchies designed in gorgeous prints and colours AND are gentle on the skin/hair. As a 4C girl that loves a good protective style, keeping my hair from snagging or breaking is high priority. These scrunchies have been my go-to for protecting my hair in any style!

Spring Fave #3

Fenty Skin – Cookies n Clean. This face mask is almost always sold out at Sephora and I can see why. I have combination skin (an extremely oily t-zone prone to breakouts and dehydrated cheeks). Finding a clay mask that deep cleanses and prevents breakouts without drying out the rest of my face has never been easy. This is the best of both worlds. I’ve been using this mask for about 2 months now and I have noticed a significant improvement in the overall texture of my skin!

Spring Fave #4:

Skin Drama – Camu Camu + Sweet Orange Mist Toner. I’ve been reading that toners aren’t necessary parts of a skincare routine and I fundamentally disagree with that. A good, hydrating toner helps your other skincare product absorb better into your skin! Skin Drama is a black-owned Toronto based company and I have been loving their products. The Camu Camu + Sweet Orange Mist Toner has helped me even out my hyper-pigmentation, brighten and re-hydrate my dull skin. Although this product is a bit of a splurge, retailing at $50CAD, it lasts quite a long time AND is formulated with organic ingredients!

Spring Fave #5:

The Wilds Skincare – The Simple Serum. The Wilds Skincare is a Vancouver-based, woman-owned small business. All of the products are vegan, genderless and cruelty-free. I’ve used many serums in my lifetime and The Simple Serum is down the best one I’ve ever used (I’m about to purchase my third bottle)! A few months ago I struggled with a painful rash on my face (brought on by an expired face mask). This was the only product that helped my skin. The Simple Serum is gentle enough to soothe skin irritation AND powerful enough to keep breakouts, hyperpigmentation and texture to a minimum. On top of that? The packaging is absolutely gorgeous!

Spring Fave #6:

Jūs By Oreya – Hair Oil. Jūs By Oreya is a Toronto-based WOC owned hair care company. All of their products are formulated with all-natural organic ingredients (i.e. Ontario raw honey, avocado oil and coconut water). Think food, but for your hair! When I have protective styles like box braids, keeping my hair hydrated is key. I struggle with a dry scalp and using the Hair Oil has helped so much! When I switch up my hairstyle and get a silk press, Hair Dew has been great for taming my fly aways!

Spring Fave #7:

Bailly – Resilience Fragrance. Bailly is a Toronto-based, vegan and Black-owned company! They have created quite a few fragrances ranging from citrus to gourmand and floral scents. Resilience is a Floral fragrance with notes of bergamot, tarragon, litchi, lemon, rose damask and magnolia. While I’m not normally a fan of floral scents as I find them to grandma-y, this one is the perfect balance between fruity and floral. I rocked this as an every day scent during the Spring season and I highly suggest it!

What are your Spring faves?

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  1. Alina Pinsky says:

    LOVE THIS!! Can’t wait to incorporate these recommendations for my summer travels!