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Just like my family and the multiple communities I’m a part of, this blog is a little chaotic and imperfect. but it’s also well-intentioned, loving, and accepting.

As I’ve gotten older and maneuvered through friendships, school, and now the professional world, I’ve held these same notions of community close to my heart. I’ve been able to foster safe spaces in the friendships I’ve made, the businesses I support, the places I frequent and the companies I work for. I am lucky to have been able to find and create spaces of love, excitement and passion in every aspect of my life.  Now, I want to share these experiences with you.

In short, I love and have always loved my community.

I come from an enormous family. You know the type you see on TV with tons of aunts, uncles, cousins and family members? Well picture all of that and then make it Nigerian (dad’s side) and African-American (mother’s side). Needless to say I was constantly surrounded by tons of people at every event.  Larger than life personalities, strong opinions, and even stronger emotions are all I've ever known. It was loud and chaotic and a little overbearing but it was also filled with more love than I could ever dream of. More opportunities than I could ever imagine and more laughter than I could possibly handle.

This blog was created to foster a strong community of belonging, acceptance, and love for all who may need it. 


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