is not only a love letter to myself, but a safe space for all.

Having gone through so much in 2022, and taking the top of 2023 to reflect, I think I’m finally ready to move forward.

2023 Update: Guess Who’s Back and [trying to be] better than ever?

I'm back and ready to take on 2023

Summer is FINALLY here which means it’s time to share my Spring beauty faves!☀️ Anyone who knows me well knows that I am a proud skincare, beauty and makeup enthusiast. I LOVE spending hours researching new products, reading reviews on reddit, and watching Harper’s Bazaar beauty routines. As physical touch is my number one love […]

My Spring 2022 Beauty Faves

Spring 2022 Beauty Faves infographic. 7 pictures displayed of top products: a perfume bottle, hair oil, scrunchies, face mask, hair oil, toner and facial serum.

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While it focuses on my passions, specifically wellness & beauty, fashion, and exploration, it serves as a welcoming hub for everyone to learn more about me, and themselves. I want everyone to treat this blog a little a bit like home. It’s just as much my space as it is yours; I hope you’ll invite yourself in and stay a while.

This blog was created to foster a strong community of belonging, acceptance, and love for all who may need it. 

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